Mobile applications market. Privacy policy

1. General

We take your privacy really seriously. We're neither interested nor involved in practices related to any type of collecting and usage of personal information for harmful, disputable or questionable purposes and practices.

We collect the minimal possible information about our visitors and their actions on this website -

The information is protected to the maximum extent of our understanding of the available technologies. And we closely monitor security related technology developments.

You can delete any personal information (accounts, applications, etc) at any time you want.

Exception for mobile application developers: fulfillment information for mobile applications that have been sold can not be deleted automatically – you will have to negotiate this with us and we'll delete it, provided you've convinced us this will not harm the customers.

We will never send you an email, unless you required it.

Personal information is shared with no one. Only server administrators have access to the information.

This website uses Google Analytics to track it's own performance. See the section for Goolge Analytics below.

These are the privacy policies of All other websites listed on have their own privacy policies and are not in any way obliged to follow the privacy policies listed on this page.

This is our Privacy policy in general. You can read it in detail below. If you have any questions or comments – please, contact us!

2. Types of information collected

  • When visiting the website: no personal information is collected.

    A cookie is send to the visiting browser, which cookie holds information about how the website was used – the currency selected, recent searches, recent viewed items, etc. This information is used only to restore the state of the website to the returning visitor.

    For tracking different activities – like tracking download counts of different mobile applications - the visiting IP address may be stored for period of up to 72 hours and deleted after this.
  • Information collected for registered developers. The information collected is the one provided upon registration, plus anything filled later – payment details; mobile application files, screenshots & descriptions; etc. A record is created for each registered developer. IP addresses used to register and to confirm the registration are also recorded.

    Public contact information (website address, support email address, etc) about each developer is shown to the visitors of the website.

    Private information is used to operate the website – for example, to generate a payment when customer buys developer's application.

    Passwords are never stored anywhere in any form.
  • Information collected for customers purchasing mobile applications: the payment information only – date, time, IP address, payment method and payment user name (eg. a PayPal™ account name) used to buy each mobile application.

    This information is generated and sent to us by the payment processors, eg. PayPal™, and is governed by each payment processor's own Privacy terms and conditions.

    This information is used to operate the website – to enable a customer to get unlocking codes or download full versions of an application.

    Passwords are never stored anywhere in any form.

3. Technology used to collect information

  • Cookies are used to store how you used the website, what apps you've recently searched and viewed. The website can still be used with cookie support turned off in the visiting web browser.
  • Logs files. The web server has standard logging functionality, which saves all request send to the web server (saved is time, IP address, etc) used for only tracking harmful attempts against our websites. These logs are deleted on monthly basis. Only web server administrators have access to these log files.
  • Database logs. These logs are used to operate the website, for counting purposes only. Counted are file downloads, mobile app's page views, apps rating activities, etc. These logs are emptied in up to 72 hours period. Only web server administrators have access to these log files.

4. Sharing the collected information

The information collected is disclosed to no one, no exceptions.

When we're obliged by law and are presented a *valid* requests related to fraud (money, identity, etc), copyright issues, harmful activities (hacking, etc) – our information may be presented to the requiring authorities.

5. Information protection

The information is protected on our web servers and backup servers. The servers are protected in industrial data centers. We maintain all reasonable and appropriate data security procedures.

Ability to get to this information will mean ability to harm our efforts – and we have no interest in allowing this.

6. Links to other web sites

This Privacy policy applies only to information collected by On our pages (pages under the domain) links to other sites that are not owned or controlled by us are listed and we are not responsible for the privacy practices of these other web sites.

We advise you to read the privacy policy statements of every website that you visit before you give your personal information.

7. Updating and deleting your information

Users who have actively created accounts can update all information related to their accounts.

Users with passively created accounts – accounts, created as a result of other action the user performed on our web site (like buying a mobile application) can not modify the purchase records. Deleting the information ca be requested through the contact form.

You can delete all the information that you have input or uploaded on our website at any time you decide.

Exception for mobile application developers: fulfillment information (full version downloads, unlock keys, etc) for mobile applications that have been purchased at least one time can not be deleted automatically – you will have to negotiate this with us and we'll delete it, provided you've convinced us this will not harm the customers.

8. Children Online Privacy Protection

Our website – - is not directed to children audience.

We do not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children under 13.

Our reasonable expectations are that a child under 13 is not expected to register as a developer of mobile applications and actually upload a mobile application; that a child under 13 will not have access to a working PayPal account.

If someone comes to know that a child had provided our website with his/her personal information – please, do let us know and we'll delete this information.

9. Google Analytics

Our website - - uses “Google Analytics”, a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. This analytics service uses cookies, to generate reports on the usage of our website. The information collected may include your IP address, but no personally identifiable information is collected by Google Analytics.

More information on Google Analytics and its privacy policies can be found on

10. Contacts

If you have any questions or comments on the Privacy policy terms listed on this page, please contact us! The contacts page is here.
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