Mobile application store F.A.Q.

Welcome to the ESDN app store!

Here you can inform yourself how our applications market works.
If you want to send us a question - please, contact our application store and we'll answer you and eventually publish the answer!

We wish you all the best!

Searching, downloading & purchasing mobile applications

How to use the ESDN app store?

The ESDN applications market is available at: Each of these mobile stores lists the same titles.

What do I need to use the mobile market?

Just a web browser - to search for & download mobile applications.

What about my privacy?

We treat your privacy with utmost respect!

No tracking information of any kind - beyond the minimum required for our app store to operate properly - is collected by our servers!

No privacy information of *any* kind is shared with any third party!

Here you can read the full Privacy Policy of the ESDN app store.
And the full ESDN Terms of Service.

Buying mobile applications? Is it secure?


All payments on the ESDN app store are operated by PayPal - one of the largest and most secure online payment companies (more information on Our company is a verified PayPal Business partner - you can click the golden PayPal seal at the bottom of every page to check our verified status (a PayPal account is required). You can buy mobile games and apps with your PayPal account or just with a credit card (if you have no account) - both ways are completely secure. When you buy mobile applications from our app stores, your payment information is processed by PayPal and we have no access to your credit card or bank account details.

How to buy mobile applications?

It's simple - just click the price (or a "Buy it now" link) on the title you like. A small screen will appear with additional information and "Buy now links".

Currently you can use PayPal and there are 2 options available - to use the classic PayPal checkout website, or the new (and faster) inline checkout without leaving the ESDN app store.

Both methods are equally secure!

What happens whey I buy a mobile title from the ESDN app store?

When you buy a title, you will receive a confirmation letter by PayPal which will include a combination of letters and numbers called "unique transaction ID#".

To get the full version of your title (or an unlocking key), please go to
There you'll find instructions how to log-in with your PayPal id (or the email address you used when you purchased the mobile app) and the unique transaction ID#.

It's convenient! When you log in, you will see all mobile applications, that were paid online with your PayPal account.

Try before you buy!

Dear mobile users,

Please, inform yourself before buying an application!

For every paid application, there is a trial download - you can verify that the application works on the intended mobile phone (device) and that there are no conflicts with other existing applications.

Also, check the reviews for the mobile apps you like!

And if it is not too much to ask, drop a few words (a review) for the apps that you have used! Thank you!

I like the ESDN app store!

A big "thank you!" from all the team!

And please, do spread the word!
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  • You can follow us on Twitter - @esdnws!
  • You can write about our app store wherever you like (please, tell us if you do)!
  • And finally, we'd like to hear from you - this is the ESDN app store contact page!

Thank you again and all the best!

General information about the ESDN mobile applications store

What is this mobile applications market?

This is ESDN, a no nonsense, fair play mobile market (an app store). It is created and maintained by long time mobile developers.

Our mantra is "Mobile fair play" and this is and will be the mobile market we always wanted to list our title on!

Something with your app store is not quite right!

Just let us know - here is our app store contacts page - and we'll check the problem and fix right away!

Any official information & contacts with your mobile applications store?

The ESDN app store and all related efforts are financed and owned by NormaActive Ltd, a financial, legal and accounting services company, based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Here is the NormaActive website.
Welcome to a mobile applications market!

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