App store F.A.Q. for mobile developers

We welcome all mobile developers to our application store!

This is just an introductory F.A.Q. section, about how our mobile applications market works and how to start listing your mobile applications.
Should you decide to register, there is a more detailed F.A.Q. listing in the Developers section (for registered developers).
If you still want to send us a question - please, contact our application store!

Getting started with the ESDN app store

A brief description of the applications store

Welcome to the mobile fair play app store!

ESDN is an application store, created by long time mobile developers. The idea is to create a reliable, no-nonsense mobile application market.

The store is available as When you upload your mobile application, it becomes available on each of these mobile stores.

How to get started

Please, check:
Next, here is the developers registration page!

You will need:
  • A valid email address;
  • Mobile applications that are 100% yours - no pirated content is allowed!

Listing paid titles

Trial downloads required - for each paid title you'll have to provide some form of free trial download (demo, lite, time-limited, etc).

No trial downloads are required for titles from the "Themes" category (please, don't abuse this, we'll block your account).

To receive your income you'll need one of the following:
  • PayPal account (with withdrawal, right) - if you have a PalPal account you'll receive your funds immediately after each sale.
  • MoneyBookers account - you'll receive funds after an amount, predefined by you, have been accumulated. You'll also pay the transfer taxes, as you're the receiver.
  • Bank account - same rules as for the the MoneyBookers account.

    If you select this option, please consult your bank to know what your transfer taxes will be and to obtain the complete banking details needed for the transfer!
None of the above is required to register and to list free titles only!

No listing fees or any amounts will be charged from our side - this is a free-to-enter & free-to-list store.

Attention! If you have a paid application, listing only a demo version on ESDN and linking to a paid version on another market is not allowed!

App store commission fees

The commission fees are defined in art. 8 of our Terms of service.

Our commission fee is initially set to 11% for every developer.
If you provide a link to the ESDN app store (whichever of our store locations listed above) on your website - please, inform us and we'll drop you commission rate to 9%.
Further decrease to 7% is negotiable on occasions like high sales volumes.

The current payments processor - PayPal - has defined a small transaction fee for each sale. This fee is split between you and the ESDN app store, at the same rate as your commission fee. The current transaction fee is equal to: USD 0.05 + 6% of the transaction value.

Some examples, based on 11% commission fee:

Sale price USD 0.99 - you receive USD 0.79
Sale price USD 10.00 - you receive USD 8.37

Note! Some sales may end up with you receiving different amounts, due to currency conversion!

More information for mobile developers

Additional information for mobile developers is available in the Developer section - accessible by registered developers.

You can register for *free* at the application store developers registration page.

General information about the ESDN mobile applications store

What is this mobile applications market?

This is ESDN, a no nonsense, fair play mobile market (an app store). It is created and maintained by long time mobile developers.

Our mantra is "Mobile fair play" and this is and will be the mobile market we always wanted to list our title on!

Something with your app store is not quite right!

Just let us know - here is our app store contacts page - and we'll check the problem and fix right away!

Any official information & contacts with your mobile applications store?

The ESDN app store and all related efforts are financed and owned by NormaActive Ltd, a financial, legal and accounting services company, based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Here is the NormaActive website.
Welcome to a mobile applications market!

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