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Receive boot completed, Reboot, Read sync stats, Read sync settings, Read SMS, Read phone state, Read owner data, Read logs, Read history bookmarks, Master clear, Manage app tokens, Manage accounts, Kill background process, Internal system window, Install packages, Hardware test, Global search, Get tasks, Get package size, Flashlight, Device power, Delete packages, Delete cache files, Control location updates, Clear app user data, Clear app cache, Set time zone, Set time, Set process limit, Change WiFi multicast state, Change network state, Broadcast SMS, Bind input method, Bind device admin, Bind appwidget, Battery stats, Account manages, Access checkin properties, Access coarse location, Access network sate, Access WiFi state, Set prefered applications, Set orientation


allinoneToolbox_5_0_6.apk »
Free/shareware OTA download (app file only), 5.61 Mb
All-In-One Toolbox is the most comprehensive Android system tool and optimizer. It is an amazing app that combines 29 system tools embracing all factors that matter to device performance, and helps to optimize your device to run at optimum speed. Main features include: batch remove, CPU usage optimi
All-In-One Toolbox - mobile application for Android
All-In-One Toolbox - mobile application for Android
All-In-One Toolbox - mobile application for Android
All-In-One Toolbox - mobile application for Android
The best Android cleaner All-In-One Toolbox, equipped with more than 29 Android system tools, is designed to clean up various junk files, unclog storage, boost memory, protect your private data and keep your android device smooth and flexible. Comprehensive and powerful features make the All-In-One Toolbox the most reliable system tool app on Android device and actually, it is one of the best Android cleaner available in the market for free! The outstanding features of of All-In-One Toolbox ★ Intuitive: simple and clear UI design makes the optimization so easy and quick ★ Thorough: Providing thorough checkup to find out all the junk files hidden in every corner and clean them out without any risk or harm to your devices. ★ Versatile:29+ practical tools to better Android performance ★ Multilingual supported: 28 languages available to serve Android users around the world. ★ Light weighted: Plenty of tools and powerful cleaning services are compacted into only 4.6 MB! It will be the most reliable cleaner and memory booster for your Android smart phone and tablet. What All-In-One Toolbox can do for you? ★ Clean out junk files: Created in a simple method of seeing what's taking up storage and reclaiming lost memory via smart and safe cleaning. * Delete SMS & Call logs * Erase browsing history * Remove Temp files * Clean SD card * Sweep out Apk leftover * Eliminate cache files ★ Speedup system performance: Shut down unnecessary running apps to free up memory to keep Android devices at optimal performance and potentially extend battery life * One-tap boost * Kill unessential tasks * Speed-up boot ★ Privacy protection: Provide access for you to erase your personal data and browsing traces to keep the privacy information from revealing. Pass-word service will lock the things you don’t want to share with others * App locker * Browsing trace erasing * Call or SMS logs deleting ★ APP and File management: Check what’s on Android and provide a list of options for you to control files at your own will. * Uninstall system app * App to SD card * Batch installer/uninstaller * Zip and unzip * Backup and restore ★ Plenty of additional tools: 29+ system tools available in All-In-One Toolbox, all essential for your ease and wonderful Android experience * Auto task plug-in: cache and junk file clean, silent mode, airplane mode and wifi management at set intervals automatically * Compass plug-in: give you the directions when you are lost * Flashlight: light up your surroundings when it’s dark * QR and Barcode Scanner: quick scanning and collecting info you need * Game Booster: boost games to give you more fun * Android sensor box: show you all available sensors on your Android * Quick settings: offer easy access to the * Volume settings: provide one-click volume setup * And there are more… How the App works: FAQ Google Play Link

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v. 06
Sep 23, 2014
# 5
Add white list to Leftover clean (Please double check leftover items before deleting, if items you don't want to delete are on the list, please press the item and add to whitelist) - Improve Turkish (Ali Murat Çetin) - Improve Dutch (Peter De Herdt ) - Modify German (Tim Long) - Add Slovak Language (Marek Hevier) - Fix bugs - Other improvementsallinoneToolbox_5_0_6.apk »
Free/shareware OTA download (app file only), 5.61 Mb

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