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In Luna Park Baby Lisi got a Stomach Pain. Please help her !
Baby Lisi Stomach Pain - mobile application for Android
Baby Lisi Stomach Pain - mobile application for Android
Baby Lisi Stomach Pain - mobile application for Android

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Hi KIDS ! After eating a lot of candies in the Luna Park baby Lisi got a stomach pain. Please help her to get rid of the pain. Give her the right stomach medicine and food and will be better soon. So come back with her to the Luna Park and have a great day with her friends.

* Real what to eat when you have stomach pain.
* Learning kids which is the right food through playing game.
* Real live situations. How to play and have fun In the Luna Park !
* Lovable Baby and Grown Ups Characters
* 4 Levels
* Score by Baby Lisi happiness
* Free & easy to play, challenging to master!
* Enchanting animations and music!
* Eye-catching graphics and colorful gameplay
* Interesting and colorful toys

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Fun and playing games with Baby Lisi is easy like a charm. Just visit us and start to play with Baby Lisi !

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v. BabyLisiStomachPain
Feb 6, 2017
# 1
New Baby Lisi Stomach pain mobile version
Jan 5, 2017
# 1

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