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PinTheLine.apk »
Free/shareware OTA download (app file only), 2.24 Mb
Pin the line is one of the best strategic and exciting game for phones and tablets.
Pin The Line - mobile application for Android
Pin The Line - mobile application for Android
Pin The Line - mobile application for Android
Pin The Line - mobile application for Android
It is all about aim and hitting, just aim towards the targeted pin and tap on the screen to fire the ball. You need to attach all the balls to the wheel but don’t touch the moving line or pin with which a ball is already attached and don’t avoid any line to complete the level. In this game colour of pin and its direction may change so be careful while shooting balls. Features: • Best strategic and exciting game. • Multi direction and colourful pins. Difficulty level makes it more interesting. • Lots of challenging levels. • Attractive graphics and awesome music.

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Pin The Line - version history

v. 1.2
Jul 21, 2016
# 3
v. 1.2
Oct 8, 2015
# 1
PinTheLine.apk »
Free/shareware OTA download (app file only), 2.24 Mb

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